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This website has been the epitome of a butterfly. It originally started as a very small lifestyle blog with a focus on personal development. I found that, I became a hypocrite in regards to the development part. As soon as I started writing about how to live a better life, I, myself, stopped taking my advice.

In effort to counteract my shame, I decided to post more regular lifestyle content. Then life hit and I started to doubt my abilities as a blogger. My soul, and this blog started turning the pain from reality and morphing into a concept that would be better served as a home to my true love, Photography.

Please check out my latest work below, and catch up on updates surrounding my latest photography challenges.

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This past month, I have also been working on adding more flowers and simple landscapes to my photography collection.


My parents raised this huge sunflower in their backyard. Once it bloomed, it was hard not to capture the beauty it showed.

More beauty…

Even more beauty…

There is a bridge that connects the trail to the Pinole shoreline’s water edge. The bridge always gives me the creeps and creaks so much that you can’t help but worry if it will break.

The Pinole Shoreline . I have a huge passion for nature and simple landscape shots like this.