Bay Area Adventures: Pinole Shoreline

A few weeks ago, before the breeze slowly crawled into our sleepy little corner of the East Bay. K (my husband) and I went to the Pinole shoreline and explored its quiet beach area.

We had been working two separate schedules for the past two weeks and had difficulty sparing time to spend with each other. In a hint of play, I suggested that we take a walk in Pinole along the shoreline.

My weather app depicted a clear sunny day. The sun was shining high, and rays of light burst through our window blinds. He looked at me with a childish grin and to my surprise, he agreed.


In a haste to not miss the prime weather, K and I dressed in our best effort of workout clothes. We stumbled out of the house and walked a short distance to get to the shoreline.

Throughout our walk, we caught up on each other's small accomplishments for the week. We uncovered more details about each other through meaningful conversation.  I’ll be the first to admit, K is my best friend. Things just naturally flow between us. 

As we crossed the bridge by the sewage refinery (the stinkiest, most disgusting area ever), we ventured into the high, and very dry grass near the water. When we stepped into the sand, we looked at each other, smiling. We turned toward the water in appreciation.

As we walked toward the train tracks a cute hotdog doggo followed us. He was so intent on his adventure, he didn’t even listen to his human parents calling his name!


Go on doggo, live your best life!


We passed close to the train tracks and I stopped to get an oncoming shot of Amtrak. They regularly run through Pinole.

The tide came in so far we had to cross over rocks to get to a small rock hill. K disappeared to the top of the hill while I was snapping photos of the water.

When I finally looked up at the hill, he had vanished. I called to him to come back, and his head popped up. He told me to climb it so I could see the view from the top.

I reluctantly walked closer to the hill. I was nervous. I didn’t know where to place my foot, and the fall would have been very painful, if not physically damaging. K guided me with calm directions.

Once I got to the top, I shakily stood up. It was a nerve-wracking experience but the view from the top was worth it.

From there we slid down the opposite side of the hill and cross the train tracks back to the trail and continued home. This was the best weekend I had recently with K.


I hope to have plenty more mini-adventures like this in the future!  


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