My Sick Day Routine

It’s the first week of January and everywhere I have gone, all I have heard is coughing. So much coughing. Coughing is definitely the first sign of the flu season. The last day I was sick was the week before Christmas. I was miserable. I had such bad aches and pains and difficulty breathing due to a stuffy nose.

While I suspected the flu at first, it turned out to be just a nasty cold mixed with a mix of my seasonal sinus infection. Thankfully, I had my mom (the ultimate nurse) nearby to give me some new methods to help me get better quicker.

I loved them so much I wanted to share them with you here. These methods were an all-day event so I will just share a bit of what my sick day routine looked like.


I love to sleep. Who doesn’t? But when I am sick, I try to sleep in as much as I can because I often have trouble falling asleep the night before. But I always feel absolutely disgusting in the morning, so sometimes it's hard for me to get any relief during the day.

In order to fix that, I swapped my morning tea for hot water with lemon and honey first thing after waking up. There are many useful natural elements to this drink when you aren’t sick that help make your body happier.

It is not only delicious but happens to be a quick energizer, and helps clear your sinuses up. There are a few different ways to make this drink, but I only tried one alternative.

The alternative way to make this drink calls for a pinch of turmeric, a few shavings of ginger, 2-3 lemon slices, and a tbsp of honey. The lemon and honey work as an immunity booster gives out a healthy dose of vitamin C and helps aid in giving an energy boost.

The turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory while giving you your necessary amount of antioxidants. Lastly, the ginger adds a great benefit for if you are nauseous, and aids in reducing muscle soreness and inflammation.


After having breakfast and resting on the couch for 2-3 hours, I normally try to have a full 8oz glass of Emergent-C as well as a tangerine (Cuties are my go to) in order to give me some extra vitamin C for the day. My Mom had previously told me to drink emergent-C at least twice a day. So during my sick week, I had it around mid-day and around the evening after dinner. 

When I am sick, it is hard for me to want to eat. I normally end up losing my appetite because I am too busy blowing my runny nose. So I forced myself to have as much soup and bland foods as possible.

The bland foods can be anything from plain lightly buttered toast to munching on saltine crackers. Luckily my Mom had made her delicious Minestrone soup around this time so I took what was extra and divided it up to freeze and unfreeze when I wanted it during the week.

Mid-day is also a good time to take a little nap. Sleep is one of the best ways to overcome a cold or virus. My naps normally last 2-3 hours, so I am not certain if it's that little. But I would suggest that you tried to get in as many naps as you can during the time that you are sick.


The evening time is often the hardest for me when I am sick. I tend to get most of my aches and pains during the evening. I also can tend to get super cold during this time as well. In order to help aid my pain, I take around two to four Tylenol in a 4-6 hour span. I generally try to take it after lunch and right before bed. 

To warm myself up, I try to take a hot shower to open my airways and get my blood circulating. Then I try to bundle up as much as I can so that I go to bed warm. If you have a fever this is also a perfect time to try to sweat it out.

Sometimes, I previously have had to go to bed with as many blankets and warm clothes on in order to sweat out my fever. It works like a charm, trust me!

My evening meal on these sick days consists of crackers and soup. Soup will literally give you life when you are sick. 

Right Before Bed

I have asthma and always seem to struggle with my breathing right before I go to bed when I am sick. Right before I lay down, I normally put a thick layer of Vick's vapor rub under my nose and on the front of my neck to help me breathe while I sleep.  

Important Tips!

I also want to stress that a key factor in regaining your health is to drink half of your body weight in water. That can range from 60oz  to 90oz of water each day. It is definitely not easy, but it helps flush out your system faster so that your body can heal as quickly as possible.

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