10 Ways I Lift Up My Mood

Life With Michele Renee 10 Ways I Lift Up My Mood

Fall is officially here, I can start to feel like I am slowly being dragged into hibernation mode. The change in seasons always triggers a change in my mood. I know that through Fall and Winter my mood tends to dip downwards toward a negative space. But within the last year, I have figured out ways to counter that downward spiral. Below I have listed 10 ways that I combat low moods.

Sing in the shower

I know this seems silly but trust me, it is worth every minute. When I feel down or even super sad, singing in the shower gives me a minute alone with myself to just have fun. I can choose to have fun with the lyrics by using different voices, exaggerating notes, and even making up my own lyrics.

Singing gives me a cathartic feeling. When I belt out notes or even sing softly, I no longer focus on what is bothering me, instead I focus on feeling the meaning behind the song.

Dance around the apartment

You can officially call me goofy, but dancing around my apartment is definitely an instant mood lifter. Putting on some old jams or even the current top hits and not trying to practice a rehearsed dance allows me to feel open and free. I never feel judged for looking like a weirdo because no one is around to see.  

Vent to a friend

I am sure most of you end up doing this on a daily basis, but it can act as temporary therapy sessions if you are being completely honest. A friend can offer an outsider opinion that you may or may not agree with but it always gives you a different point to consider. If I have no one else to understand what I am going through, my friends will always be an open ear to cry to.

Go somewhere to people watch

I have mentioned this before in my post on self-love, but people watching is one of my favorite activities. I try not to be creepy but it makes me feel less alone when I see how people interact with each other. Not to mention, it helps me understand a little more about the different ways a person can react to things. 


Laugh! I mean it, laugh! This is a must and something that you should try to do every single day. Life can get stressful and overwhelming when you are trying to figure out how to adult. It can be even more daunting when nothing is going right. Laughing used to be easier when I had very few things to worry about, but now I am worried about one new thing every minute.

So to counteract an upcoming anxiety attack from worrying so much, I pause and try to laugh. Normally, I watch one of my favorite YouTubers', but every now and then I will turn to a comedian on Netflix and spend an hour giggling.

Try something new

My current goal is to try something once a month. I use this as a way of escaping low moods because I can fully focus my energy on learning something new. To me, it doesn’t matter if I do it perfectly but the outcome is that I always end up feeling inspired, which puts me in a positive mindset.

When I am positive, I feel like I can do anything new. It is an easy fix to a low mood but it also helps when I am feeling creatively stuck.

Take a walk

I do not adhere to this as much as I should but taking a walk definitely, has a direct effect on my moods. Something about being in nature allows me to feel like I am at peace mentally and physically.

I normally meditate while I am walking, which might seem like a weird place for practicing meditation. In addition to mediation, this exercise creates endorphins, which are natural mood lifters.

Play a game

When I am feeling especially low and my husband offers to challenge me to Trivial Pursuit, I instantly perk up. I love playing games. Since this is an active activity, it allows me to take the focus away from myself into something that is positively concentrated. Games, in general, offer a virtual reality that creates a distraction from personal issues.

Take a walk around Target

Yes, you read that right. To lift my bad moods, I take a long walk around Target. Most of the time I end up making a mental list of the new products that I want.

Other times, I go to get specific items for my apartment. But this activity allows me to get out and active to where I am no longer obsessively focused on myself. 

Treat yourself! 

Take yourself out on a date! It can be a small date like the movies, or it can be taking myself to dinner, or even to a museum. But the point is that I am showing myself love and care that fosters a positive environment in my life. No matter how busy your life is, make sure to make time for yourself and treat yourself to some self-love.

What do you do to lift your mood? Leave a comment below!