My Top 3 Passions

Growing up, I was consistently drawn to different things by a desire to know and learn more about it. I suppose that being in love with something so much so that you have to practice it daily makes it a passion.

Passions encompass any event, item, or activity that you instantly fall in love with and can’t imagine your life without.

Without participation in something you love, you can fall victim to depression.

You can’t live without being interested in anything in your life. Passions seek to enrich your life and give you the drive and confidence to achieve your wildest desires.



This encompasses about anything creative that I do from making jewelry to taking photographs. I have been passionate about art since I was five years old, it has helped me through all my struggles and has allowed me to vent out my frustrations when I had no one to speak to. Without trying to do some type of artistic activity every day, I would be very very lost.

Lately, I have been trying my best to pick up my camera every day and take photographs. Photography also helps me visually capture a feeling at the moment I have it. However, once a month, I try to make at least one piece of jewelry.

This focused activity allows me to relieve my stress and helps spark my creative flow. Not to mention, if I get complimented on any piece that I make, I feel more confident in my artistic abilities as well as feeling beautiful. Isn’t that the goal?



Making lemonade is cooking,


Although, when I have hard days or even weeks, this can become my crutch. I have such an unearthly, deeply devoted love for it that I know someday I can make it to where I will use it only in times of positivity.

I remember one night in high school, I had seen a recipe for chicken alfredo, and was determined to try to make it. So instead of following the recipe to a “T”, I made a few mistakes in the cooking process (the chicken turned out terribly dry) but I was proud of myself and hungry to learn how to make more.

I know that regardless of where my life takes me, cooking and food will always be one passion that will continue to grow with time.



In order to get myself back into writing more, I decided to start this blog. Aren’t you glad? I believe that it connects us to something powerful in ourselves that is often overlooked.

When you write, you have to face your feelings, and sometimes they may not be the most appealing. I used to use stories as a way of revealing my true feelings and creating a resolve for them.

I just hope that I can continue to explore my passions, and in the future find even more passions to fall madly in love with. I do plan on dedicating every day to cultivating my passions to a point where I can incorporate them in my career.

So, my beautiful readers, what passions do you have? What makes you feel alive and motivated to keep exploring?

Life With Michele Renee My Top 3 Passions

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