What Inspires Me

Life With Michele Renee What Inspires Me

Someone asked me, what inspires you, the other day and quite frankly I couldn’t give them a definite answer. Honestly, I am no longer sure what exactly inspires me. I have spent the last two years trying to come up with that answer. Is it Art? What kind of Art? Is it books? I have probably only read a total of 10 books in the last two years. What could it possibly be?


One inspiration that instantly comes to mind is music. I always feel alive when I am listening to songs. The combination of the lyrics and beat and meaning behind the song often stirs up emotions that I normally push back. I think the closer I feel connected to the lyrics the more it inspires me to pursue my desires regardless of the obstacles.

Another inspiration is nature. I don’t go out and walk around enough because bugs tend to get on me, and who in the world likes bugs? But when I do get out, I always am perplexed by how resilient nature is. We, as humans, use it, abuse it, then destroy it; only for it to come back to life when we forgot it even existed.


I think that deep down, I want that strength and courage that I find in nature. I have definitely faced a lot of adversity in the last few years in regard to my mental and physical health, finding myself, and figuring out life in general. I have always idolized nature and I have tried to adopt its’ resilience. I fall, but I will always get back up and keep going. I just hope that I can hold on to that motto for the rest of my life.

As I have come to the recent decision to break away from the tradition of the full-time 9 to 5 job, I have started to feel inspired by others my age becoming entrepreneurs and embracing their talents. I have been stuck in a tug of war with fulfilling the expectations of others versus what I desire for my own life. In all honesty, I want to finally take a chance on myself.

Believing in Myself

In a way, believing in myself also inspires me. In high school, I used to openly love writing and I would boast about how I would have a writing career when I finished college. Fast forward to present day, I am a year out of college, and I have been too scared to develop that writing career. I stopped believing that I was talented enough to achieve a writing career. Over the years I listened to the negativity surrounding why I shouldn’t write instead of focusing on the reasons for why I should be writing.

In college, I lost my belief in myself, and I went through a period of discovery. I discovered that I had a lifelong mental illness. I discovered that my main coping mechanism for my mental illness caused my health to suffer. I discovered multiple heartbreaks. I also discovered my greatest love.  But once I graduated, I discovered that I was lost and left without any inkling of inspiration.

I didn’t know where I wanted my life to head towards. I was so busy and worried about graduating that I lost sight of where I wanted to go. So for the next year, I stayed lost. Yet, I was suddenly inspired once more when I started writing again. I had beaten back the voice that told me to fear failure. You can say, writing has been my biggest inspiration of them all. After I started writing again, I picked up a camera and I started taking photographs again. Photography, in turn, inspired me to start creating, which led me to learn how to make jewelry.

What's Next?

Through all of my struggles, feeling inspired created a domino effect. The more I did what I loved, the more I realized where my path was headed. I no longer felt lost and unsure of myself. Now I am just hungry to explore. I want to walk further down my path, and figure out where it will lead me.

I only have the question, “What is next?” on my mind now. I am curious and strangely braver than I ever was before. Sure, I still have a huge fear of failure, but to counter that I remind myself that I have nothing to lose.

So, my friends, what inspires you? Please leave me a comment below and let me know your journey through inspiration.