5 Things I Do for Self-Love

Life With Michele Renee 5 Things I do for Self-love

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Self-love is one of the most important parts of living. It is by definition, loving yourself, and giving yourself the care and attention you deserve. It is something that can’t be found from someone else or from any relationships other than yourself. It has taken me years to understand the necessity of this word, Self-love.

As a multi-racial woman with a curvier body frame, I grew up struggling with my body image, and with finding my place in a society that heavily values beauty over the soul. It was a complete struggle trying to thrive under the intense pressure of wondering if I am enough to be loved and admired by others.

Once I reached my mid-twenties, I realized that this repetitive negative thinking of trying to achieve a standard of living that is essentially unachievable.

After recognizing that this mindset was beyond toxic, I began to practice self-love. I did things weekly, even daily to make sure that my mind was at peace, and that I could feel like I was worthy of the positive things in life.

While everyone practices self-love differently, they each achieve the same goal: to bring inner peace, and positive vibes to your body, mind, and soul.

Watch TV or movies

I love to visually get into a different story other than my own. It takes my mind off the stressors of my life and helps me achieve a peaceful mindset because I can focus my energy on something that is completely unreal.

It does not directly affect me unless there is a triggering scene or episode. But, overall it allows me to just zone out in a way that isn’t taxing on me physically.

Listen to music

I love music more than anything. It is a definite stress reducer and allows me to get into a trance-like state where I can feel the music. I mostly listen to the lyrics and try to connect them to some stressor in my life or event and use them as a type of therapy session. If I’m angry about something, I jam out to rock and scream the lyrics to get all my aggression out.

If I am having a day where I am hurting and feeling low then I listen to music where I can cry and create a tearful catharsis. No matter what, by the end of a music session I always feel refreshed and ready to get back into the game.

Make art, jewelry, or a DIY project

As an artist, I need to feel creative to feel positive and optimistic about life. I often turn on music that connects to my mood and just get lost in whatever project I work on. Often times, something magical is created out of these sessions, other times, I don’t get very far.

But at the end of two hours of working on a creative project, I feel myself again. I come out of my anxious state with a hopeful and a positive mindset; it helps me to believe that I can achieve any of my goals.

People watching

This may seem strange, but I love seeing how others are living their lives. I normally go to my local coffee shop, in an attempt to get some adult business done but I end up getting invested in how people near me are behaving. It definitely helps in making me feel less alone in this world.  When I watch what other people are doing, I get sucked into to their story and the short snippet of their lives that I witness anonymously first-hand.

Practice Affirmations

I push positive vibes out into the universe every day and I say that I am worthy. The more I tell myself I am worthy, it allows me to feel and believe it. That’s my main mantra, and my number one affirmation. When you believe you are worthy then the more positive things occur in your life.

For me, this positive way of thinking helps me to accomplish tasks that I used to believe that I would never be able to get through either from embarrassment or some fear. This positive mindset helped me to start this blog! I am worthy of everything I set out to achieve.

I hope that you connect in some way with the things I do for self-love. I especially hope that you believe that you are worthy of achieving your goals and dreams as well.

Never stop believing in yourself, and never stop taking care of yourself in a way that brings about positive vibes in your life.