DIY Series: Tassel Necklace

Welcome to my first DIY post! This will be the first in a monthly series. I have a massive passion for crafting. In this post, I will be showing you how to make your own tassel necklace. While I mostly craft for decorative purposes, I also make my own jewelry. Who needs to buy jewelry when you can just make it? The cost is cheaper and I can make multiple pieces with a tiny amount of the beads I get. So I wanted to share that hobby with you today. In the future, I do hope to open my own Etsy shop in order to sell my pieces. But for now, let’s get on with the DIY how to.

What I used:

  • Necklace and bracelet bead board from Michael’s. I purchased this in my teen’s so I don’t quite remember the exact pricing. But you can find it for $10 from Amazon, which I guarantee is cheaper!

  • Clear stretchy string from Walmart. This ran me about $3-4. This particular DIY was the first time using the stretchy string and it made all the difference.

  • Various beads. I didn’t have 3mm beads so I settled for the 4mm beads that I had left-over from other projects. These beads were pink quartz, fake turquoise, a metallic black, and a brown wood type bead that I had gotten at a specialty bead shop.

  • My focal pendant was an arrowhead with a coin embedded into the center and a white tassel. I picked the arrowhead out at a flea market and I got the tassel as part of a pack at Target for $6-7.

  • I used a beading needle to make the process easier.

  • I also used two crimp bead and two crimp bead covers.

  • I also used pewter findings to connect the endings.

  • Last but not least, I used my handy-dandy bead cloth/mat to lay out my beads to string. This thing is way more useful than I give it credit for. It is a felt like material that keeps hold of the beads for easier stringing.



  • Step 1 is normally the laying out of my material process. I try to find a steady area that I can spread out all of my materials. 


  • Step 2 is my design process. I take this time to either lookup designs similar to what I have in my mind, or I create my own by picking beads and pairing with other colors. I go through the various sizes, and colors that I have in my collection.

  • Then I use my bead mat and beadboard to lay out my beads in my chosen design.



  • Here comes the stringing part. Once I get my design down I string the stretch cord through the beading needle. I then tied the two loose ends together so my necklace has added strength. I normally put on a finding on the tied end of the string to save some time and hassle at the end.

  • For this project, I strung my brown wooden beads first. I realized that I didn’t have enough brown beads to make the necklace long enough so I broke up my design with a metallic black bead and a few pink quartz beads. Sometimes when doing a project like this, I change my design half-way through.

  • I always try to replicate it on the other side of the necklace as well.

  • I then strung on the turquoise beads and once I felt like the necklace was long enough, I put on my pendant piece.



  • I replicated what I did on the first side of the necklace to the other side.

  • I periodically checked to make sure that all the beads lined up and that the necklace was the length I wanted.

  • I then finished the necklace by putting on the crimping bead to set all the rest of the beads in place and then tied the end of my string to my pewter finding and closed up the necklace.

  • After making sure that the necklace was secure enough, I cut off the remaining string and tried it on.

  • It held up perfectly!


While my technique is not entirely professional, I love teaching myself new ways of making jewelry. The more pieces I make, the better I get! I do plan on taking a beading class in the near future just to get a little more precise on the techniques.


What DIY projects do you love to do? Comment down below!