How I Find My Creativity

Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

Last week was tough. I have lost a lot of motivation for doing what I love and like most of what happens in life. I have struggled a lot this past week with figuring out what I truly want and who I really am and what makes me, me. Thanks to being sick, I had a lot of time to consider these things. I have been in a constant battle of having to find my creativity over again. So below I have listed 5 ways in which I find my creativity when I lose motivation.


I first look for creativity in my dreams. This can be hard if you don’t remember your dreams, but I often have wacky crazy dreams which can be vivid at times. Most of the time I take what fragments I can remember from my dreams by imagining a scenario or scene where I can express it. Almost like I am creating a mini-scene in a book or movie.


If using my dreams as inspiration doesn’t work then I pick up a book. While this may be a generic and overstated way of getting your creative juices going, it really does help. It allows you to set your ego aside and work within someone else’s creative realm. You really have to sit and think about what they mean through the metaphors they include in their book.


Number three on this list is free-writing. I come from a creative writing background, in a way, so it only makes sense that I use writing to get me to think creatively. It can be really difficult to get started with a writing project even though I have a dozen ideas. So in order get into my writing groove, I start free-writing. You start by quieting your mind for a minute then just write, or type, the first word that comes to mind. Then let yourself just let all your emotions flow out onto the page. It is cathartic and helps rev up your mental energy to be able to think clearly.

Take a Break

I mean it, take a minute and breathe. The biggest thing that keeps anyone from creating is stress. So on method is to take a minute to yourself and breathe and let the stress go. You can do this in the form of a nap, meditation, or even just closing your eyes and visualizing white. A lot of this can also be found if you practice mindfulness.

Create Something

The last way in which I find creativity is to actually create. It doesn’t matter what I create, as long as I am doing it I tend to get into a flow in which I build up my motivation and creative thoughts to help me form the vision of my project.

So there you have it guys, 5 ways in which I find my creativity. How do you find your creativity? Please let me know and leave a comment below!