My Morning Routine

Mornings can be rough. Especially when your alarm is blasting in your ear and you don’t even want to move your arm out of bed to shut it off. I have had some awfully rough mornings lately. Mornings in which I don’t even leave the bed until it’s practically the afternoon. As unhealthy as that is, it helps in times when I wake up with bad anxiety. But on the days where I feel motivated to explore and get on with my day, my morning looks a little more organized.

Hydrate and Refuel

My normal morning routine starts with shutting off my alarm. I reluctantly push off my comforter and slowly get out of bed. I unsteadily stretch my arms and legs, to wake my body up. I wobble to the kitchen and pour a glass of water in an to rehydrate myself. The taste of cold water first thing in the morning usually helps my body level up to semi-functioning mode. 

morning breakfast.jpg

Next, comes the breakfast prep. I either have a bowl of greek yogurt and granola, an egg scramble, or cream of rice. I also pair it with hot green tea, or water. I try to limit my breakfasts to something super simple because I am normally still sleepy when I eat breakfast. After I eat and browse social media (which definitely wakes me up) I then start my skincare routine.

Take care with skincare


I have struggled to keep my skin clear since graduating college, and deal with a lot of breakouts, mostly due to stress. I normally use Aveeno cleanser for my face wash but recently I switched it up to African Black Soap, which has made my skin feel more refreshed and brighter. After the cleansing my skin, I apply a toner, which is either witch hazel or rose water. Then I apply aloe vera to my dark spots and any acne that may have popped up overnight, and use coconut oil as a natural moisturizer.

After waking my skin up, I take a shower and wash my hair. I use Shea Moisture co-wash in between shampoo days; this helps keep my hair moisturized. Instead of air drying my hair, I use a microfiber hair towel wrap that I got for $3 at Walmart.

Relax and detangle

I sit on my couch and relax and watch 3-4 youtube videos from my favorite Youtubers while my hair dries. After my hair is semi-dry, I detangle it using a wide-toothed comb and drowning it in Shea Moisture curl style creme for moisture and to keep it from frizzing up throughout the day. I tend to use a two handfuls fo the creme, a dime-sized amount is never enough! 

hello gorgeous.JPG

Self-love is key!

When I have to go work, I definitely shorten this routine and try to wake up earlier at least. But one important thing I do to conclude my morning routine is to look at myself in the mirror and take in my reflection. I tell myself that I am worthy of success today. Giving myself this small affirmation pumps me up enough to go out and experience life to the fullest when I leave my house.

What does your morning routine look like? Please leave a comment below letting me know!