My 2018 New Year Goals

Life With Michele Renee My 2018 New Year Goals

We finally made it to 2018! Let us all commence in saying “New year, new me.” At least that is the typical saying at the start of each year. I, however, do not want to completely change who I am. I saw a lot of self-growth and gained a ton of self-confidence in 2017.

So instead of leaning in towards the typical new year saying, I’d rather say “New year, more self-growth”. Every year, we all go back home after our lively (or not so lively) New Year's Eve celebrations and reflect on what when wrong in the past year.

We then gather a list of what we can improve on and what we can achieve in the upcoming year. My list, in particular, is just an extension of the growth process I started in 2017.

Living My Truth

The first goal I want to continue within 2018 is learning and practicing to live my truth. I want to be able to stay true to who I am and not give in to others' expectations of me.

Fail More

My second goal is to fail more. Now hear me out, failure is a key part of self-growth. I will discuss a more in-depth reason as to why failure is necessary in a later post this week.

But if you never fail, how will you learn? I want to be able to learn to do better as often as I can. I am determined to make 2018 a year of trial and error so that I can figure out what works best for me.

In the past years, I have focused on what others' have done and tried to apply that to my situations, but it hasn't always helped me grow for the better. So this year, I am going to learn through doing as much as I can my own way.

More time for Self-love

My third goal is to invest more time into self-love and explore spirituality and natural healing. I have always been on the fence with religion so I look more towards myself as my means of hope and faith.

In 2018, I am determined to spend more time treating my body as a temple (in terms of weight, exercise, and what I eat), and to invest into developing tools to help keep my mind positive during repeated cycles of depression and anxiety.

I am also eager to learn more methods for healing any pain from the past. 

Increase My Support Group

My fourth goal is to make more friends and create a larger support group for myself. Since graduating college I have found myself busier, because of that I have lost touch with a lot of friends.

I want to be able to create new connections that aid me my personal development and hopefully my professional development as well.

Invest in My Professional Development

My last goal is centered around my professional development. I wish to grow this blog in terms of readers and to create a community around it. I want to be able to inspire at least one person from this blog.

I am heavily into developing tools for self-growth and it would beautiful to see this blog as a means of inspiring that in my readers, and more. I also wish to take the steps to launch a handmade business towards the end of 2018.

I have always dreamed of being a handmade artist and I am more determined than ever to be proactive to make that dream happen. 

Well 2018, I am coming for you! I promise to work hard and to grow in terms of self-growth, and professional growth.

What are some of your goals for this new year? Leave a comment below!