January In Review

Photo by  Isaac Benhesed  on  Unsplash

Photo by Anda Ambrosini on Unsplash

Looking back...

January was a month of accomplishment. I joined 5 wonderful blogger communities on Facebook. I gained more followers on Twitter and Instagram than I could have expected. I implemented a newsletter for this blog. I am in awe of how much I grew in my own confidence in January as well. I became confident in my passion for blogging. I also became more confident in my decisions. I had mentioned in my DIY Vision Board post that the month of January was all about self-growth. Well, it ended up being more about growth in general.

Outside of my blog, I tried a lot of new unexpected things as well. I am starting over on my health journey with my Diabetes. I will be describing my life with Diabetes in a future post (stay tuned) but in order to get exercise in, without experiencing social anxiety from the gym, I started doing Pilates at home.

There are so many fitness apps, I personally prefer Youtube over fitness apps on my phone. Youtube is easier for me, as I can just put it on the TV in my living room, and exercise in there. I am currently subscribed to an amazing Yoga/Pilates instructor on Youtube. Boho Beautiful has a ton of yoga, pilates, and fitness videos. She is so calming and talks about mindfulness practices that help when you are doing the exercises. I also love her personal journey that she shares on her channel. She is very personable and relatable. If you want to use Youtube as a source of fitness videos, I suggest you check her out!

There are also some new products that I implemented into my routine this past month. I changed up my skincare routine and started using African Black Soap, Aleo Vera, and Witch Hazel as my main products. I will be discussing the benefits of those three products in a future post as well. I have horrible scarring from my acne, and I have seen my dark spots lift significantly since starting that regime. It will be a long journey in trying to lighten my acne scars, as my dark spots are mainly a result of too much sugar in my diet. However, one of my goals for February is to limit my sugar intake, so let's see how that goes (I have a major sweet tooth). 


In regards to my favorite things from January, I had a wonderful movie date night with my husband. We finally watched The Blade Runner 2049. I am a huge Blade Runner fan, and Sci-fi fan in general, so it was a treat to be able to spend quality time with my husband and have an in-depth conversation analyzing the movie.

I also started going to my local coffee shop, more than one day a week. It is one of my favorite places where I live, and it helps me calm down (and be more productive) on days where I am anxious, or depressed. I hope that I can continue to go more in February.

For February

January was a wonderful month of new beginnings and accomplishments. In February, I hope to keep the momentum going and focus more on my mental and physical health. In regards to my professional and blog goals, I hope to gain more email subscribers (if you haven't subscribed go do it now!), as well as be more involved with others in the blogging community. I want to make as many blogger friends as I can this next month. 

For the blog specifically, I want to start two new series. One will be featuring women who I find inspirational, the other will be about my mental health and Diabetes journey. So please stay tuned for that. Overall, there are many exciting things coming in February. 

I hope to see you back here at the end of February for another monthly review.

What did your January look like? Leave a comment below!