My Top 5 Favorite Youtubers

Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I only started getting interested in Youtube this year. I know, it has been around forever. I remember watching it in high school and fangirling over the newest Jenna Marbles video.

But then came college, and I actually forgot Youtube existed. It wasn’t until this year when I was looking for the motivation to explore my passions that I discovered how amazing Youtube and its creators truly are.

Now, I feel like I can’t get enough. I do eventually hope to start a Youtube channel of my own. Although Youtube has been dealing with a slippery slope in regards to how it treats its creators, it is definitely a platform where many regular people can be an inspirational force. I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite YouTubers.

They are people who have not only inspired me to follow my dreams but helped me realize that I am not alone in regards to dealing with mental health issues and life struggles. They are regular people, like you and I, who built a platform for promoting equality, and kindness.

Shane Dawson

Shane is undoubtedly one of the earliest and most influential Youtubers. He has helped multiple big Youtube channels feel comfortable enough to be themselves. He has dealt with bullying, insecurities, and depression and uses his platform to push for change in the community and to inspire everyone to be themselves.

Shane has grown tremendously in his career on Youtube, he started with awkward high schooler-ish videos and now promotes anti-bullying, and puts in an effort to help younger or smaller YouTubers in promoting their channel.

Lilly Singh - SuperWoman

This woman is a huge inspiration to women all over the world. She fights for the right for every woman to have a voice. In the past year, she blew up on Youtube. She has steadily been growing her channel for the past 5 years and is one of the highest paid woman YouTubers in the world. She is a philanthropist and activist.

She talks about equality for women and emphasizes the importance of education for girls. Her videos mainly feature comical skits and she also sings! She is truly a woman who can do it all.

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

I love these two. They are amazing together and individually. I used to watch Jenna Marbles in high school when she was doing comical skits. She has since transitioned into a podcast with Julien and streams video games via Twitch. But every Wednesday/Thursday I tune into her hilarious attempts at being a beauty guru.

Julien has his own vlog channel which I subscribe to and faithfully wait for the newest upload. He talks a lot about controversial issues and his insecurities. His filming and video editing skills are refreshingly original and exciting to experience.

Channon Rose

I started watching Channon Rose at the beginning of 2017. She is a former porn star and current beauty guru. She preaches about the importance of spreading love not hate.

Although she has a lot of people showing her hate and has a rocky relationship with Youtube, she is extremely influential to me as she pushes more and more to be herself despite the negativity she receives from others.

She is funny, and after reading her book, I definitely see that we have a ton in common. I love watching her vlogs and watching her interact with her husband. Over the past year, I have seen her go through a ton of infertility issues, and I am in awe of what a strong woman she is.

She has been so public about her struggles in a way that, to me, makes her one of the most honest Youtubers on the platform.

Hailey Reese

My last and final favorite Youtuber is Hailey Reese. She is a smaller Youtuber from Canada. I started watching her at the end of August and absolutely fell in love with her kind spirit and her content.

She discusses a lot of supernatural occurrences. In other videos, she also talks about the importance of self-love and treating everyone with kindness. If you are into the supernatural and otherworldly forces, you should go check her out!

I have many other YouTubers that have influenced me in the last year but I will have to include them in a future post.

I hope you take the time to go check out the ones I listed!

Do you have any favorite or influential Youtubers? Let me know below in the comments!