5 Ways to Focus on Self-Care

written by  Amy Mia Goldsmith  from  highstylife.com

written by Amy Mia Goldsmith from highstylife.com

Self-care, for a lot of people, boils down to an occasional bubble bath and maybe a night of ice cream, Netflix, and a large glass of wine to go with it. We’ll indulge when we can, but then as soon as Monday morning comes, we’re back in that vicious cycle of stress and chores, struggling to find a way to keep feeling good even when things become overwhelming. Self-care, however, requires so much more than an occasional treat, it’s genuinely one of the most important things in our lives, and every single person needs to develop strategies that will help them not only mentally, but physically. To help you be the best version of yourself, here are some good ways that will help you focus on self-care and lead a better life.

Pick a fun physical activity

Whether you enjoy sweating it out at the gym or taking long walks with your dog, physical activity is one of the best ways to lower stress, regulate blood pressure, and generally prevent disease. Working out will make you feel a lot better, especially if you pick an activity you enjoy; seriously, you don’t have to push through boring workouts at the gym if you don’t want to, find something else. Why not try fencing or hip-hop dancing? Perhaps you’d enjoy the spiritual benefits of yoga? Maybe swimming is your thing, or maybe cycling. Pick something that makes you happy, and you’ll have a much easier time achieving your fitness goals and staying healthy.

Let your diet make you feel better


Do not starve yourself! If your diet is making you feel starved, you’re doing it wrong. Proper nutrition is important, and our body needs the right food to function well, so create a good, sustainable meal plan that you can stick to and that doesn’t require huge sacrifices. There are awesome recipes out there that are filling, nutritious, and totally tasty, so make as many home-cooked meals as you can!

Don’t neglect proper vitamin intake

Besides good food, vitamin and supplement intake is also one of the most important things for our wellbeing. Things like iron, vitamin B, and folic acid are particularly important for women, and so are vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and L-cysteine. Getting your recommended daily dose of all of these is important, so consider something like Solgar vitamins, particularly their Advanced Antioxidant Formula. The vitamins and minerals in it are food-based and can help prevent oxidative stress on our cells and keep us youthful and healthy.


Do you really need to check your social media every five minutes? We are so afraid to make even a momentary pause, perhaps in fear that we’ll miss out if we aren’t constantly available, but this can lead to stress and illusions. The online world becomes more important than the real one, and we start thinking that the only thing that matters are likes and comments. So, take a deep breath occasionally. Turn off your phone and your computer, go out for a walk. Disconnect and remember what’s important.

Create your own little cozy corner


It can be your own room, or even a single comfy chair in the house, your little nook where things are safe. Grab a bunch of pillows, blankets, and fuzzy things, and keep a music player and a few scented candles around. Surround it with books, and then whenever the world becomes overwhelming, go to your corner, grab a novel, and let it take your mind away on an adventure. Reading can definitely improve our wellbeing and soothe us when we’re upset, and having a corner of your own really aids this even more.

Wellbeing is about being healthy, happy, and stress-free, but to get there you need to put yourself first occasionally. Indulge in these little self-care rituals and you’ll have a lot more strength and energy to deal with anything that comes your way.