5 Etsy Shops to Check Out


I am so excited to share my favorite Etsy shops with you! I have loved Etsy for years and even used it to get my wedding bouquet of silk flowers. I have always dreamed of being an Etsy shop owner, and now I finally am! I hope to share more of my artwork in the next month. But check below for my current Etsy shop favorites! 

Created By Audrey US

This Etsy shop is by far my favorite. She is a family friend and handmade my wedding invitations (pictured above). She hand paints wine glasses and does personalized wedding cards and more. She also is a unique shop as she does personalized post-it note holders. What could be cuter than that? All of her products are priced at under $40.  Head to her shop here. You can also check out her blog here.

Nova Wall Art

If you are looking for some amazing photography prints, this is the shop to check out! The photography is phenomenal and everything I strive for as a budding photographer. There are all different shots, from landscapes to texture designs, to simple shots like fruit. This shop is definitely worth checking out as they are modestly priced at $6 per print. Unlike my shop, they will mail you a print. You can check out their shop here.

Milk and Honey Luxuries

This shop is amazing if you want cute mugs, hand stamped spoons and other personalized kitchen decor/utensils. They are priced perfectly as the majority of their listings are under $20. If you need a new mug with cute typography and designs be sure to check them out. You can find their shop here.

Stately Oaks Jewelry 

If you are looking for some beautiful handmade jewelry, you should definitely check this shop out. The shop owner, Cameron Dufore, has definitely mastered a delicate and breathtaking jewelry style. She has tons of necklaces that are gold-plated gemstones to crystal-shaped cracked glass. There are also amazing rings, and bracelets to choose from. If you are looking for jewelry that is both minimal and filled with gorgeous colors, her shop is definitely on to check out! You can find her shop here. You can also check out her blog here.

In honor of sharing my favorite Etsy shops, head over to my Freebies section to get a free printable wall art piece from me! 

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Leave a comment below!