10 Low Cost Items That Help Ease Anxiety

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Anxiety gets to everyone. It can creep up on us in the early hours of the morning, and keep us awake at night when we are so desperate to sleep. Anxiety does not distinguish hours of the day, nor does it distinguish whether or not you are in a good mood.

If it was a person, it would be the rudest, most inconsiderate person you have ever met. It can be difficult to cope with anxiety on your own. I have discovered 5 ways that work for me. But not all of those techniques work for everyone. 

But there are ways you can deal with anxiety that do not involve seeing a medical professional (although you definitely should still see someone, I do!) or practicing techniques. I have gathered a list of products that I use, or want to use that are specifically designed to help calm the mind and help those with anxiety and other mental health illnesses. 

1. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are so useful now because they allow you to be grounded without too much mental preparation. Weighted blankets are designed to help those with autism, depression, and anxiety.

 This blanket is perfect for those days when all you can do is stay in bed, and need something to help you keep calm. 

This brand in particular is the cheapest blanket on Amazon at $69. 

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have been on the hunt for an affordable Himalayan Salt Lamp. They are designed to help clear the water in the air in your house. As well as help calm your mental state from the soothing warm glow of the light. 

Plus this doubles as a perfectly cute night light on your bedside table. But take the benefits of this lamp with a grain of salt. It may only be good for the air, but I am sure that just having some soothing light helps everyone calm down.

Check out Wellness Mama for more information on this type of lamp.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

I am officially an advocate of essential oils. My mom had raved on and on about how amazing essential oils are. I tried out the peppermint oil in my shower everyday for a few weeks and I noticed how much calmer I got after each shower. I normally have horrible anxiety in the morning and this definitely helped me calm down. 

The next step to take is to get an essential oil diffuser. With one of these bad boys, I could mix different oils and create more effective essential oil blend to help with everything from stress to depression.

4. Spearmint Tea

So this product is something of a more personal experience. I have been recently diagnosed with PCOS and spearmint tea is supposed to help with my facial hair growth (it sounds worse than it is, I have baby hairs). 

But I absolutely love the taste of this tea. I had an anxiety attack a few weeks ago, and I had a cup of this tea, which instantly helped me calm down. It has a smooth taste and a soothing smell that I literally forgot about what triggered my anxiety. 

Honestly, any tea (especially chamomile) is useful to ease anxiety, but I personally prefer spearmint.

5. SAD lamp

SAD is a type of depression that is affected by how much light you are taking in. It is common in people who live in states or areas of the world where there is significantly less light during the year.

This lamp is more than helpful in order to help rewire the brain to accept more light. The light that emits from this lamp is supposed to simulate daylight. You might be wondering how this applies to anxiety.

Well, anxiety is so much easier to handle when you are in sunlight, like on a beach, or laying out at the pool. You can soak in the vitamin D that helps you experience more elated moods. Calm Clinic outlines exactly how much Vitamin D helps ease anxiety. 

If you live in an area where getting a moderate amount of sun is difficult then you should consider investing in one of these lamps.

6. Mala beads (if you are spiritual, or like to meditate)

I have to admit,  I do not much about the effects of Mala beads. I have been seeing them everywhere recently though. I know that Mala beads use gemstones and other healing stones. I have only started investigating the benefits of gemstones, but I do know each gemstone correlates with easing some aspect of mental health. Like Amethyst is supposed to help ease depression, and keep you grounded. 

Well, Mala beads from my understanding are primarily used in meditation. They allow you to focus on a single task during meditation sessions. Another more common use for Mala beads is keeping them on all day to use for affirmations or keeping up with your daily intentions. Check out Share Yoga for more information on how to use these beads.

They are good for anxiety because of the need to focus on keeping up your affirmations during the day. If you feel anxious and can't step away from the situation, it might be helpful to touch the necklace, or bracelet, and say some useful affirmations to help calm you down.

7. Anxiety Coloring Books

Coloring books, for adults specifically, have been a huge trend in the last few years. They are super fun, and help you focus on a task, as well as helping you expose your creative side. Coloring books for anxiety are more helpful than you might realize. 

When you use a coloring book, you block out the rest of the world and you get deep into your coloring process. Have you ever tried to talk to a kid when they were coloring intently? Well, good luck, most likely they will not respond to anything you ask them, or if they do it is delayed. Why does that happen?Well they are off in their zone, they are in their own world where they can control the outcome. There is no need for anything but pure happiness in this world. 

I try to use a coloring book at least once a month (I should use it more often though). There is something about the pure simplicity that I need when I am feeling anxious that draws me to it. 

8. Mood Tracker Journal

I have not tried this out before, but I read so much about how this is so essential when you deal with depression and anxiety. When I was in therapy, my therapist often urged me to keep track of what I was feeling throughout the day and to find what might have triggered certain moods. 

This might be helpful for you if you do not know what triggers your anxiety, or if you just want to keep track of how often your anxiety occurs. If you can figure out the triggers, then perhaps you can eliminate them, or decrease their occurrence. 

9. Stress relief lotion

So in all honesty, I have not used this before. My mom uses this every night, and when I have tried it out, the smell is heavenly. You all know from above that I am a huge fan of spearmint, but eucalyptus is such a soothing smell so the combination is perfect! 

Most products that are used for stress can also be used for anxiety. I urge you to go try out this lotion, as well as get the candles listed below for additional relief. 

10. Stress relief candles

I use candles everyday. So this product is perfect for me! I love soothing smells, and this candle definitely does the job. Bath and Body works has such a great line of stress relief products and I also enjoy the energize products they have too. 

If you are a fan of Bath and Body works, don't miss out on this candle! 

What Helps You?

What products help you ease your anxiety? Let me know in the comments below!

10 Items to Help With Anxiety

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