10 Things I Can't Live Without


Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

I was thinking about a fun question the other day: "If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are 3 things you would bring?" I heard that question quite often growing up, and thinking back on it, I keep thinking about the things I can't live without. What are the most important things in my life? The answer to that is truly where your heart lies. If your answer consists of mainly material items, then what does that say about your life? Are you feeling fulfilled? Or are you simply focusing on what you can and can't buy? What about the other intangible things that are important in life? Are you fulfilled by those? 

I have had so many questions about what it truly means when you pick on thing over the other when it comes down to having to choose. I just keep wondering what that really says about your character. So I figured that I would answer that question myself in a different way. Perhaps I can give some insight into what I hold to a higher standard, and what means more to me. So below I give you a list of 10 things I absolutely can't live without.

Positive Mindset

I had to put this as my number one because it can be hard to see the rest of my list as necessary things if I can't at least have a positive mindset. A positive mindset is like the gateway drug to optimistic outcomes and putting good vibes out into the universe. Without a positive mindset, life can get really hard to navigate through. The roadblocks we all face seem ginormous and can be almost impossible to overcome without thinking a little more positively about the situation. 


Trust and hope are huge on my list. Without this, is it even worth caring about your life? It can be hard to maintain trust in people and maintain a hopeful outlook on life. But trust me (get it? lol), when you lose out of trusting people, you lose out on trying to create meaningful connections in your life. Without meaningful connections, it can be almost impossible to create a steady support group for times when you feel hopeless. Or even for times when you feel hopeful. Losing trust in people can also be really hard on your ability to tackle life's extremities. Once you stop trusting people, you stop trusting the good things that come your way. You constantly question if you deserve that good thing or that reciprocation of love that you are receiving. Questioning you life in that way can lead to you down into some pretty dark paths. It is essential to remain as trusting and hopeful as you can be. But that does not mean, you have to trust the world fully, just be wary.

Family & Friends

Life can be extremely hard without family or friends. Family, is an umbrella term in this post, anyone can be your family if you love them unconditionally. But they are the greatest asset you have in this life, other than your trust in yourself. They have separate experiences that can possibly help you navigate through your own experience. No one walks the same path, but more often then not you can gather a support group that has walked similar paths and that can make all the difference in not feeling alone in walking your own path.

Time for Self-care

Self-care is one of those ongoing wellness trends that have actually been around for as long as we have known but has never really been addressed. Taking time out self-care is really necessary in order to get the strength you need to stay motivated. I take an hour to two hours to just do something that fills me with pure joy. It helps me stay creative and also helps me stay motivated about continuing on my journey. Another added bonus to self-care is that it gives me confidence and I spent that time to really get to know myself. I used to forget to check in with myself and just kept stumbling through life not really knowing who I was, and how I truly handled certain situations. I got caught up in being who other people told me I am instead of taking the time to talk to myself. Now, I check in with myself and ask myself questions. I have conversations with myself (not out loud of course) about how to go about handling difficult decisions, and what makes me unique. 


Self-love is super important to have. I didn't quite realize this until I turned 26. I had been so mean to myself in the past, a true bully. I never gave myself tools to take care of my mental health, and I even hated myself for my faults at one point in my life. Once I turned 26 and started blogging more frequently, I realized how important self-love is. Without self-love, I was just a horrible person. I snapped at others and was negative and hopeless by default. But now I have a positive mindset, and I am actually excited about the life I am living and my future. When you learn to love yourself, you also learn to forgive. Forgiveness can be such a helpful tool in life. You also learn that life is so short, and if you don't take time to forgive yourself then you are keeping yourself from truly growing. 


Kindness is a big one! What would life be without kindness? It not only keeps us in a happy mood, but it really helps us connect. I try my best to be as kind to strangers as I can. It can be tough, like when you're at the grocery store and you're walking into the line but someone cuts you off. Oooh, I get so mad, but instead of expressing it, I smile at them and let them go before me. This is my way of treating others, how I would like to be treated. While that is not always reciprocated, I really appreciate it when it is. 


I would go crazy without conversation. While I am a huge introvert, I still need at least one person to fulfill my conversation quota a day. Honestly, when I talk to someone it helps me come out of my own head and into the "real" world. I also love hearing others' experiences and how they navigate particular situations. 


I LOVE music. I can not go a day without singing, humming, or listening to something. It helps motivate me, it assists me in creative thinking. It also is nice to have around when I am lonely. Music is literally a short book for my ears. I know that sounds weird but I love the stories that live within songs.


Books offer me a huge escape from the world. I have been an avid reader since I was 8. I try to read at least one book a month. More recently, I have been dipping into the personal development genre. I personally, can't get enough of fiction books but I like reading about how to better myself. I think living a world without books would severely limit the opportunity to cultivate creativity. Books just are insanely helpful when you really want to construct alternate realities, and sometimes those alternate realities help when you do creative work. They also can help in your real life as well. 

Comfort Food

No one can live without food. But I especially cannot live without some type of variation of comfort food. That means pizza, mac & cheese, fried/baked breaded chicken, mashed potatoes. With my diabetes, it is extremely hard to eat the regular version of this type of food. So I have literally resorted to gluten-free crusts, vegan cheese, and mashed cauliflower. Yes, this does taste good despite not sounding as good. But without the healthy versions, I honestly would be so lost. 

What About You?

What are a few things that you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below!