DIY Series: Spring Home Decor

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Spring is almost over! But the DIY projects will never end. I finally managed to take some time out of my busy schedule to complete a painted canvas for Spring to brighten up my home. I am hoping to do one for Summer, but no promises.

I wanted to create something that was fairly easy to paint, and also would leave me in a better mood everytime I see it. So I opted for a floral theme and tried to choose bright colors.

I found a few ideas on Pinterest of painted canvases and decided to stick to the "Hello Spring" saying. I may have added too many flowers, but hey the final product is cute!

I love how creative you can get with this type of project. So I hope you enjoy this easy Spring DIY!

What You Need:

There are few things you need in order to effectively complete this project. 

1. A canvas. Any size you want, and most of the time you can find great deals on them at Walmart or even during sales periods at Michael's. 

2. Craft Paint. I get mine at Michael's, but I know that Walmart, Amazon carry it.

If you want pricier but perhaps better quality paint you can check Target.

3. Paper Towels, Paint brushes (any size), Stencils, and Stencil brushes.

If you know how to do hand lettering then feel free to not use the stencils, but if you are like me and have a hard time spacing your letters out, then stencils are perfect! 

4. Silk/faux flowers. These are super easy to find, the Dollar Tree, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon all carry them. You won't need the stem for this project so just either pop off the flower base, or cut it off.

The Process:

I started with this project by laying out a bunch of paper towels on my table, but I am sure a thin towel would be a little more eco-friendly and easier to work on. You may notice some mini canvases in the background.

Well, I was going to make a mini canvas magnet (which utterly failed, and I suggest doing one project at a time). The Sweetest Occasion has the best DIY tutorial for these little magnets. I promise that I will make a future DIY post re-attempting this project!

Putting my failed mini project aside, I started painting the background of my bigger canvas a light blue. You could make this any color you want. I wanted a brushed look, so I tried to make it as uneven as I could, and I used varying shades of light blue to make a semi-gradient effect.

Life With Michele Renee Spring Decor

Once my final coat of paint (I did three, but two would be probably good enough) dried after about 20-30 minutes. I added my stencils. I first outlined them in pencil.

I would like to add that I should have lined them up properly with a ruler, or straight piece of tape, to get a straighter line for the words. I tried to make the pencil as light as possible.

Life With Michele Renee Spring Decor Stencil

Then I went over the pencil with black paint and I tried to stay in the lines as much as I could. But I love a little imperfection so there are some letters that have a little bit more paint, making the word thicker.

I have no actual painting skills, and can not paint a flower to save my life, so what did I end up using? A stencil! I found a perfect set of flower stencils for cheap at Walmart.

Life With Michele Renee Spring Decor

I used the stencil brush for the flowers and tried my best to keep the stencil as flat as possible so the paint wouldn't bleed across. It really is a lot harder than it looks, and I would suggest you using tape to make it and flat as you can.

I only had one stencil brush as well, so I had to wipe it off and clean it before apply a different color of paint. I would suggest that you get more than one size of stencil brushes so you can create a different effect.

Life With Michele Renee Spring Decor Canvas

Finished Product

So I couldn't help myself, and I got a little too flower happy. So I added a smaller stenciled flower next to the words. But feel free to design this how ever you want! The final touch for this canvas was the faux flowers.

I had difficulty figuring out how to place them, and where because I had placed the words in such an awkward place on the canvas. I alternated the flowers that I had gathered a few times, but I finally settled on the white, peach, and red flowers.

Life With Michele Renee - Finished Product

What I Would Change

In all honesty, I am so happy with how this canvas turned out. I may have been a little to stencil happy with the flowers that are right before and after the letters.

So I would definitely not add that the next time I make a canvas like this. But overall, I love the colors, and it brightens up my living room. It also helps that I love looking at it every single day!

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What DIYs have you done this Spring? Leave a comment below!