How to Stay Confident While Dating

Chloe Unwritten Hollywood - How to Stay Confident While Dating

The dating game can be a very scary, and challenging game to be playing. It’s about meeting people you’ve never met before, selling yourself to the other person in hope of impressing them. Or even just going on a date and saying “yeah we’re just not meant to be are we”. It’s a weird game to play but that’s dating for you.

For me, I feel it's unfair to talk and get to know someone to lead to a date to not really be feeling it. I mean as soon as you go on that date you could be heading 1st class on the relationship train, which can be daunting and scary when you're single and not too bothered about being with someone. I guess that’s why confidence and a lot of headstrong thoughts need to come into play. Like why meet someone if you aren’t really that keen? But also make sure when you meet some you are confident and showing them the best side of you!

I think it's always good to step away from the dating game sometimes and just breathe, do you and you'll find yourself wanting to meet someone again. Also, you need to consider the time you could spend and waste on a date. For me, I always look to make sure I really like and want to meet someone before going on a date.

There's nothing worse than going on a date and sitting there hating on life because they turn out to not look exactly as they looked or come across a bit creepy. But most importantly you want to feel confident when you go and meet someone for the first time. Sometimes the time you take to step away and breathe and find yourself can make you the best person to meet on a first date.

Once you get into the dating game it can be hard to deal with rejection or just realizing you and the other person just aren’t right for each other. These are the points that start to eat away at your confidence and can make you really think less of yourself because maybe you're not the right fit for the other person.

For me, something that always holds me back is my confidence when it comes to meeting a guy. I’ll talk to him for two weeks and really like him, but as soon as the date comes around I want to crawl under a rock and hide. But that’s not how you should be. So here are a few of my tips that should help you to feel a little more confident when it comes to that first date.


Now come on we all have that one dress or one item of clothing that hugs us in the right places and makes you feel like an actual queen. For me, it’s one of my midi dresses. I always feel these compliment my figure well and make me feel confident. Of course, this can also be done by having your makeup done, wearing a red lip. Make yourself feel good in order to walk into the date confident and feeling yourself!


It’s all well and good getting your confidence ready for the date but make sure you are genuinely interested in the person, and that the date events are going to be good talking points and not awkward. Always get to know the person and meet in a public place. Having all this information and reassurance behind you will instantly make you feel more confident.


From experience lads, these days seem to think it’s okay to just meet up in their car and ‘chill’ always say no. If a lad wants to get to know you he will take you for a meal or a drink, or anything fun date related. It’s always good to plan the date what you’ll do, so even if you’re nervous r lacking confidence you already know what the night/day holds and when it will end if you feel you need to escape.


Stop doubting yourself and letting all them nasty thoughts that he won’t like you get into your head. Remember you’re beautiful in your own way, and what’s meant to be will be.

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