5 Stress Relieving Techniques

Amy Mia Goldsmith - 5 Stress Relieving Techniques

Written by Amy Mia from High Style Life

The trickiest thing about stress is probably the fact that it drains us of energy. We’re stressed so we want to do something to make it go away, but we’re also tired and don’t really feel like doing much at all. And so the vicious cycle continues until we either find a way to break it, or we wilt and become even more exhausted and irritable each day. Luckily, we’re all about positivity here, and we know that there is a way to banish anxiety, lift up our mood and start enjoying life more. Physical activity, especially the one we can do outdoors, can have immense benefits for our health, and if you need a way to ease your mind, here we have a few suggestions.


5 Stress Relieving Techniques - Hiking

There’s no easier way to connect with nature than to go hiking, especially if you’re hiking through the woods. This is the kind of exercise that’s easily adjustable to your fitness level, so if you’re a beginner you can easily just go on short hikes and increase the duration as you grow stronger. If you like, you can even take the whole weekend for your hike and end it with camping in the nature, which is particularly fun if you invite your friends.

There’s nothing quite like setting up camp and then sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows as you chat and joke together. We recommend that you always pack your full hiking gear for longer walks: flashlight, first aid kit, map, compass, knife, food for the day, and other necessities. You could also start photographing different plants and flowers and maybe start your own herbarium – an added hobby to make the activity even more fun.

Outdoor yoga

5 Stress Relieving Techniques - Outdoor Yoga

You can do it in your backyard or the nearby park, and all you need is your mat, your water bottle, and your training gear. Doing yoga is generally really relaxing, but doing it in nature pretty much doubles the effectiveness and it’s the perfect option for people who have trouble disconnecting from their phones and tables and just letting their minds be quiet for a while. It’s a form of meditation, and it’s definitely something that you can easily fit into your schedule. If you feel like you don’t have enough energy to unroll your yoga mat, grab a pre-workout supplement and boost your energy. It will give you an extra push,  focus, and endurance.  If it’s rainy, stay indoors. If the weather is good, head out and do it in the park.


5 Stress Relieving Techniques - Cycling

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to get some really good cardio and to let the burn banish all that negative energy. There’s nothing more effective at both helping you shape up and get rid of stress, particularly if you indulge in some mountain biking and enjoy the fresh air as you cycle. We do recommend getting equipped if you’re going to ride through the wilderness, so grab something like the Alpinestars protective gear to keep you safe as you ride the trails, and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Just like hiking, this can be done alone or with your friends. In case you are particularly passionate about cycling passion, you can even start planning longer trips and riding your bike around the country while enjoying some sightseeing.


5 Stress Relieving Techniques - Walking

There’s a reason taking a walk when you’re upset is now practically considered a cliché. If tension rises, going out and letting your legs take you wherever they want to go is a surefire way of soothing away anxiety and rage, but it also works as a good form of daily exercise. Just taking your dog out for a walk twice a day can significantly boost your cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and improve symptoms of depression. You could also have a 30-40 minute brisk walking routine through your favorite park or nature trail.


5 Stress Relieving Techniques - Swimming

Swim whenever you can. If you’re on a vacation on some beach, swim every day, and when you’re home, try to go to the pool once a week because there is no better exercise than swimming. It engages all our muscle groups without straining out back, and the feeling of weightlessness while we’re in water is delightfully relaxing and beneficial for our nerves. It can be combined with other forms of exercise, and it’s very easy to enjoy.

Although adjusted to city living, human beings crave nature. Spending time outdoors soothes our psyche and makes us able to handle emotional stress with more ease, so step outside and reconnect.