Hello Blogtober: My First Blogging Challenge

Hello Blogtober!

I am so excited to participate in this year’s blogtober. If you haven’t noticed, I have been having a major blogging slump lately. I got caught up in the overwhelm of starting a new job and getting settled in a different schedule.

It has made it beyond difficult to gather my left over energy to place into writing. I wanted to make it my mission this month to post as many days as I can. If I can’t, then no harm no foul.

But the goal is to get back into the blogging groove and start putting more effort into growing this blog. I believe I can make an amazing community of wellness and inspiration from this platform.

In order to complete this blogtober with my sanity left in tact, I put together 5 goals to accomplish.


I want to try to post at least 3-4 times each week.

It may unattainable to post everyday, but I definitely can make it to 3-4. I have already gathered my topics for all 31 days and if there are any leftover topics, maybe you’ll see them in November!

I want to engage with other bloggers who are participating.

Part of my exit from blogging for the past 2 months has been my lack of engagement with other bloggers. For October, and well hopefully as a habit, I want to try to engage with at least 5 bloggers and read their posts 5-6 times a week.

Include My Own Photography and Video

I have said it before and I will say it again, I absolutely love Photography. I took several photography classes in college and fell in love. I haven’t put in much effort to get back to that creative side of my brain for the past 2 years. So this month is a perfect time to challenge myself to take as many creative photo and video pieces as I can for this blogging event.

Grow, Grow, Grow

I want to grow this blog into a business within the next two years, and to do that I have to start with me. I want to grow as a person mentally, physically, and spiritually this month. As I dive into letting myself be more creative with my posts, I hope that this helps in building up my courage to pursue other goals I have had over this past year ( freelance writing, monetizing this blog, and embarking on my health journey again).

I have let so much fall because of fear of failure, and I say “NO MORE!”

Stay Organized

Another factor in helping me keep on track with this blogging challenge is to stay organized from pre-scheduling posts to keeping track of all my blogging images/graphics to posting on social media on time.

Life With Michele Renee Blogtober Blog Post Ideas Printable
Life With Michele Renee Blogtober Blog Post Ideas Printable

I am so beyond excited to share with you all the post topics that make my heart come alive for October. Let’s embark on this spooky journey and Happy Halloween!

Do you want to see what I use to stay on track with my post topics for Blogtober? Check below!


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