How to Accept Your Flaws

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 On this weekly edition of  Weekly Inspiration, I will be discussing how to accept your flaws. Your flaws make you who you are. They are what make you unique.

Without flaws, we can’t exist. Because the opposite of being flawed is perfection, which doesn’t exist. I know that we all try to strive for perfection, even I do, but it is definitely something that is beyond unattainable in our lifetime. 

By embracing your flaws you are embracing yourself. Then you can easily start practicing self-love. I talk about a few ways to practice self-love in my post 5 Things I do for Self-Love

Embrace Self-Love

Self-love forces you in a way to be an active participant in your life. When you are an observer, you don't focus so much on the causes of your securities. You can easily and overly criticize your flaws and make it easy for you to not take ownership of those flaws.

You are less likely to ask yourself "why am I treating myself like this?" So you continue on in your cycle, eventually, it turns into something ugly. 

But self-love is a saving grace, it shows you that its okay to give yourself a break, and that it is worth it to fall into a commitment of being fully honest with yourself.

Try to practice self-love and see how much your mindset about your flaws and insecurities change. 


Ways you can practice self-love:

1. Keep a Journal

2. Take yourself on a date

3. Invest in yourself by doing activities/hobbies that you are passionate about


Lean Towards Personal Growth

Other than self-love, accepting your flaws is also important part in your journey through self-growth and life development. If you lead your life with insecurities as the main focus, you will always be limited in mindset and emotions. 

When you open up your mind to developing yourself then you might be surprised by how much your view about yourself changes. When you give yourself a chance to grow, you learn that there isn't a need for you to settle for anything less than you deserve.

Everyone deserves the best life has to offer including you. Personal growth is a life-long journey that pushes you to focus on self-love, self-acceptance, and having an open mindset. 

The funny thing about focusing on your flaws is that you push yourself into a box labeled: "Not Good Enough". Then you start passing up opportunities that help you grow in different areas of your life. You get stuck in a rut of "wasted potential".

Don't waste your potential! Break away from that limiting mindset, and find ways in which you can grow mentally and emotionally.  I bet that you will start to see how much your flaws can play a major part in helping you grow if you focus on the positive aspects.

I'll let you in on a secret that I've learned over the years: your flaws make you unique and more often than not, your flaws are what gives you your "thing". That "thing" will assist you on a path to your life be it in your professional career path or personal endeavors.

But embracing your "thing" will only help you in life.


Ways to open up to personal growth:

1. Let yourself take a break

2. For every negative thought, find a positive thought

3. Try new things


Become Self-Aware

Embracing your flaws also makes you more self-aware. Being self-aware helps you to tune into your emotions during any given time, and be open to assessing what is distressing you and what is elevating you.

Once you are able to take a proper inventory of what causes harm and what helps, you can begin to live your life in a way that helps you grow. Learn to find acceptance for your faults, and let yourself off the hook.

This is not a one and done method though, accepting your flaws is a continual process that you have to commit to every single day.



Some days your insecurities win, and others your love for yourself beats out the negative thinking.

But once you start this cycle of continually working on yourself, you’ll see how the world starts to seem brighter and full of possibilities.

Need some more inspiration on self-acceptance? Check out Tiny Buddha's article: The Power of Acceptance, and Positively Present's post: Love Your Flaws

Books I recommend for Self-Acceptance:

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