How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

We all suffer from moments of uncertainty, and lack of motivation. Some of those moments last a lot longer than we would like. But I am here to help you get over that mental/emotional roadblock.

It can be hard moving past the feeling like nothing will turn out right or go the way we want, but if you focus on staying positive and accepting the flaws that life presents you, you can learn how to keep going when you want to give up.

Renew Your Motivation

All of us start to become unmotivated about our goals at some point. We may think that they are unrealistic, or even not right for us. But really this negative thought process is creating a limiting barrier in your mind. It is separating you from reality.

Although I am a firm believer in individual realities, I think that by limiting yourself, you are keeping your mind trapped in a cycle of negativity and continually failed expectations.


For us to create our own realities, we have to believe that anything is possible. It definitely is, to an extent. That applies to what is possible within the realm of physics and biology (no, you can't turn into a penguin). But if you love penguins, you can absolutely help take care of them by becoming a zoologist or working for a wildlife conservation company.

My point is: you have to believe you can make something happen in order to actually make it happen. When you start to feel like you are losing motivation, remind yourself of what can be possible.

In regards to that, take a look at people who inspire you. Or take a look at what your goals are and start at the very first step. Then, after being successful in that (trying multiple times), you'll find yourself more motivated to continue.

Take a look at Psychology Today's article on how to renew your motivation.

Change Your Mindset

This leads me to my second technique. Change your mindset. It may seem harder than it is, but honestly, it isn't. Start catching yourself when you feel like you are slipping away from your goals. Start catching yourself when you are starting to slip into a negative thinking cycle. The easiest way to go about this is to stay mindful of how you are feeling during the day.

Check in with yourself throughout the day and have a conversation (internally) about what you are feeling. Are you overwhelmed? Why? Finding the root cause can help you work around it, and assist you in creating a more positive mindset for you to feel successful in whatever you are doing.

If you need more help in figuring out how to change your mindset, check out my post about self-doubt.

Learn to Let Go 

Learn to accept what you can not change and move on. I'll discuss more on the topic of acceptance in a bit. But the moving on part can be hard. We as humans love to hold on to things that we think define us: an event, a nickname, a memory. But you are constantly experiencing new events, receiving new nicknames, and making new memories. So why hold on to something that may hurt you or limit you from growing as a person?

Learning to let go takes time. It is a hard concept to grasp and honestly, it requires a lot of forgiveness (for yourself, and others). The first step you can take is letting yourself focus on something else for a bit. If you are letting go of your personal judgment or your feelings of failure then do something that is unexpected and spontaneous.

The more you do things that are not expected of you the freer you feel. That freedom helps in breaking down the judgmental walls of your mind and also helps you practice a little more self-love (because you are not being as hard on yourself).

Tiny Buddha has 40 ways in which you can learn to let go.

Embrace Self-love

How do you embrace self-love you ask? Well, you start taking time to do things you love. The more you do something you love, the easier it'll be to want to get back to whatever project you took a break from. When you feel unmotivated and overwhelmed by your project (or work), on some level it means that you are not giving yourself enough time to be alone with yourself.

To embrace self-love you have to learn to be in touch with your feelings and your own personal limits. Take a break, watch a movie, take time to relax. You'll find yourself with a bit more energy and ready to get back to pursuing your goals.

Practice Acceptance 

To continue on with learning to let go, acceptance is a huge part of getting your motivation back. When you accept something that doesn't immediately mean that you forgive or move on. It is the opposite, you decide that you will acknowledge what is happening and that it may or may not be out of your control.

Then you move on to letting go of any expectations you may have attached to your ability to succeed. This includes taking a step back to reassess what you are doing, what you want to accomplish, what you have to do to achieve what you want, and your mindset. 

How to keep going.png

Make a Plan

After you take time to reassess yourself, or maybe your project (or work), then you can begin to keep an open mind to remake a plan of action. Whenever you make a plan, you have to accept that it will change at any given time.

Nothing in life is set, and truthfully, that is a good thing. When you accept that your plan is a work in progress it helps you to keep a positive mindset, as well as helps you to be open to personal growth. Plus life is so much more fun when you give yourself a chance to go with the flow. 

Check in With Yourself

The last little bit of this weekly inspiration is to check in with yourself. You have to make sure that you are okay with what you are doing throughout this process, and in whatever you pursue in life. Never compromise your interests or beliefs. You deserve 100% of the success that you will get, and you deserve to be loved by yourself and others.

When you feel like you can't keep doing something you love, you need to check in with yourself and make sure if you were doing it for the right reasons. Are you doing it for yourself, or someone else? If it's for yourself, then don't give up. Every great thing takes time, and anything worth it takes hard work, patience, and love.

So learn to love yourself, love what you do (or do what you love), and never give up on your dreams.

How do you handle feeling unmotivated? Let me know in the comments below!


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