June in Review + Favorites

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What Happened In June:

Wow, I am super late on this monthly review, but oh well! June was definitely a month of change. I managed to get more specific about what I want out of this blog/brand and what I want out of life.

I started to realize how many excuses I was making for not living my life according to my design. I definitely think that I was living to please others’ and afraid of my own accomplishments. I had made myself small, in order to seem more approachable and likable. Well, no more, I say! No more!


June’s blog journey changed drastically. I was previously focused on creating a personal blog centered around mainly mental health and personal development. But as much as I love spreading mental health awareness, I was starting to feel pressured to be the change I was promoting. Lord knows I am not.

I am a work in progress, as we all are. But I felt a bit of a fraud, to be honest. I have been going in and out of Bipolar cycles like they are candy, and I haven’t managed to practice anything that I preached.

So I decided to change up my perspective. I love personal development, and I still want my brand and blog to be centered around helping you become the best you that you can be. But I no longer wanted to aim towards mental health topics.

So I introduce to you, my semi-weekly inspiration series. In this series, I wanted to talk about things that not only affect me but people who may not deal with anxiety or mental health issues.

This series deals on some very real life feelings that are universal like insecurities, doubt, happiness, accepting yourself. Now, I am not a self-help guru, but I do believe there are ways of coping with these feelings and turning them around to make it into something more positive in your life.

Life With Michele Renee - Change Perspective

Along with the change from mental health to inspiration, I added a section where I share my creative writing. Now, you may think that’s a bit of a stretch.

But it really isn’t. Creative writing is also an inspiration for daily life. If you can read one of my short stories or poems and feel inspired or even feel like you can relate to me, then I have done my job.

So watch out for these two new series on my blog, you may find a piece or two that will help you with things in your life.

Daily Life

So moving on from my blog, I also had a few things change in my daily life. First, I lost 2lbs! I know this may seem like, wow that isn’t a big deal.

But for someone who is incredibly good at putting on weight and maintaining the same weight for a full year and having difficulties losing it, then yeah it’s a huge deal.

I had noticed my Paleo diet wasn’t quite doing it for my body. So I started switching to more whole foods, and I definitely noticed a shift in my body, as I had less bloating and obviously lost a few pounds.

I am slowly starting to incorporate more whole foods and healthy fats into my diet. I hope by the end of July I can be as close as possible to a plant-based diet as I can handle.

Life With Michele Renee June in Review - Plant Based Diet

For the last little bit of fun for daily life, I started a new job! Might not seem super exciting or a big deal, but I am working in an environment where I am free and encouraged to learn more.

The only downside is that it takes away a few precious hours from building up my blog, but hopefully, that schedule will work itself out. So far June was a month of positive change and growth.

Along with the growth, I found some amazing new finds and favorites.


Halo Top Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

I absolutely love this ice cream! I never used to like Cookies and Cream before, but Halo Top’s recipe makes it taste delicious! I love that it's loaded with protein too. If you haven’t tried Halo Top before then you definitely should try it because you’re missing it out.


Bullet Journal


I recently started a bullet journal and it is so much fun! I have always loved being artistic and with a bullet journal, you can let your imagination run wild.

I definitely hope I can spend more time every week filling it in and stay consistent with it.


Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

This book has changed a lot of the way I look at things. Although a lot of her content is aimed at being a mom, blogger, and business owner, there is a lot of lessons that are universal.

She talks a lot about changing your perspective and not taking no for an answer. I love that! If you ever have a chance to read this book, I highly reccomend it.

Life With Michele Renee June Favorites and Review

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