Movie Franchise Review Challenge

I Frickin’ Love Movies!

I would be the first to admit how obsessed I can be with the story-lines, characters, and the mise-en-scène of a film. My favorite part of watching movies is continually analyzing the plot and the directors’ choices. My husband, K, shares a lot of that particular love for movies. Most of our date nights are indulging in the newest movie release.

How this challenge idea started…

As we were heading out to one of our bi-weekly movie date nights, my husband and I were discussing the differences between the prequel and sequel of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. We got into a discussion that last so long we were almost late to our date night movie. After the movie, we continued talking about other prequels versus sequels and we decided to challenge ourselves to a review-a-thon.

Our reviews were going to be solely based on franchised movies that had at least 4 movies in the list of sequels. As odd as that may sound, we were actually super excited to embark on this challenge. We would be bonding over a common love and it would put our critical thinking skills to the test, not to mention, we would get to watch a lot of my favorite movies (the biggest plus in this challenge).  

The Challenge

Two weeks after coming up with this challenge, we sat down while watching our first movie out of a franchise, Underworld. We got so into analyzing the movie, that we started coming up with a bunch of franchises to watch next. I’ll share our franchise list below.

Why these movies?

You might be asking me, Michele Renee, why on earth are you choosing these movies. Well, in all honesty, I brainstormed with my husband and he came up with half of the movies and I came up with the other half. I will definitely be cringing while I watch his half, like, Lethal Weapon and Hellraiser, my god! But my suffering through these movies can be easily summed up as the essence of love, if not an opening for a good laugh.

Let me know below, which movies you are expecting me to cringe super hard during, in the comments below!

What’s Next

Now that we have a huge list to go off of, I’ll be updating you every month with a review of the franchise as a whole, and go into a bit more depth of each movie within it. I want to also analyze what worked for the franchise and what didn’t, as well as the behind the scenes process of making the movies.

So I ask you, my readers, are you ready for this new journey? If you want to follow along with the challenge and watch the movies with me, I encourage it! This can either go in an amazing direction or just turn out horribly. But if you’re there with me, at least I’ll have a friend to lean on during this challenge!

Sneak Peek for January:

I’ll be reviewing the Underworld franchise, and we’ll be watching the newest three movies in the Lord of the Rings franchise. Join me on my insta stories @lifewithmichelerenee to see when I start.

Would you like a list of the franchises I’ll be watching, for yourself? Grab the printable version below!

Let me know in the comments below if you are excited about this challenge and if you’re going to participate with me.

I would love to discuss what you think of each franchise!

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