Summer Mood Board: Tips on How to Stay Inspired This Summer

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

In January, I did a Vision/Mood Board post. I learned a lot since then about manifesting, law of attraction, and staying motivated about my goals. This summer, I wanted to redo my mood board completely.

I wanted to embrace the change that I have felt in myself and the shift in direction of my blog. I previously did my mood board on Photoshop, but since I have been using Canva almost regularly once I started blogging, I thought I would try to stick to that.

However, This mood board is a completely different layout from what I did in January, and I'll tell you why below. 

Life With Michele Renee Summer Mood Board


In my previous mood board, I didn't place emphasis on bright colors. For this summer mood board, I wanted to include bright, inspirational colors that would leave me in feeling positive. I wanted to create as many bright contrasting colors as I could so I included pinks, blues, green, brown, yellow, and a hint of red. 

Colors are super helpful in keeping up my creativity. While they have no direct correlation to my writing process, when I create my graphics or social media posts, I try to keep to the colors of my mood board as in tune with my posts as I can. It can also help in deciding where and when to take pictures.

Images and Texture

I definitely changed my imagery up for this mood board. The last mood board focused more on texture and words. But this one is all about the image. I wanted to include some summer places that I would like to personally go to like the beach or hiking up some hills.

When you do your own mood board, choose images that inspire you and motivate you. I also wanted to make my images as dynamic as I could. 

Life With Michele Renee Summer Mood Board: Tips on How to Stay Creative This Summer


I wanted to create a specific spot for words. I have been writing some healing and inspirational affirmations down for the past month, and this was a perfect place to place all of them.

Putting each affirmation in a different font also helped make the mood board more exciting. 

How This Will Help Me

Most of my mood boards are used for specific projects like a DIY. But I want to use this mood board to set the tone for the rest of my blog this summer.

I want to create an environment in this blog that is both inspirational, relaxing, and leaves you with a sense of peace. From this mood board, I can center the feel and tone of my posts and graphics for the next two months. 

I absolutely love mood boards, but I feel like they are extremely helpful for any type of project you can do. If you want to inspire some creativity within yourself try a simple mood board, and you might find yourself full of ideas for projects (or writing topics). 

What do you guys use for your mood boards? Have you tried doing a seasonal mood board? Let me know in the comments below!