Where Does My Happiness Come From?

Have you ever stopped to really think and consider where your happiness stems from?

I know that I only get happiness in bits and pieces, and on fewer days than I would like. Most of the time I am filled with stress and a lot of emotional discomfort from trying to be an actual adult. But when those rays of happiness do arrive, I tend to appreciate them as much as I should. Although, I do often get suspicious and question how long this euphoric feeling will last.

But when those short spurts of happiness do come, they are amazing. I have noticed that they started appearing more and more as I have been blogging. The more I stay inspired, the more I am filled with a sense of satisfaction.

You can read the things that inspire me here. I know that by doing things that inspire me each day, I stay more motivated to be productive and finish my goals (well mostly my to-do lists). I have always wondered if happiness is directly related to motivation. Would I be happy if I stay motivated for longer periods of time, or is a domino effect:

I get inspired, I am motivated, then I am happy? 

Personally, I think that I remain happy the longer I do things that I am passionate about. I did a little more research about how someone can stay happy and I found a few points from an article on Psychology Today. This article gives 10 ways to find happiness. A lot of the tips are what we do on a daily basis as humans. So now I pose the question: Why are constantly searching for happiness, even though it is right under our noses?

So taking out the emphasis on staying inspired and motivated, here are some small things that make me smile and feel a little bit better each day.

Talking to Friends and Family

I am a huge introvert, but I love to talk with those who are closest to me. I am always fascinated by their lives and I truly care about what they are going through. The reciprocation of care makes me happy because I feel loved and well someone is interested in me when they care.

This is something that I often overlook, and honestly haven't thought too much about, but it does make me a little bit happier each day.

Getting Coffee

Life With Michele Renee Where Does My Happiness Come From

Sometimes this can be stressful, with the long lines, and having the worker get your order wrong. But man oh man, when that sweet yet semi-bitter taste hits my mouth, I am overcome with such euphoria.

To add to this, I also find peace sitting at a coffee shop and working, so I can see how that translates as happiness. Coffee shops make me happy! 

Eating Food That I Cook

I think that most of this can be attributed to a sense of self-satisfaction. But I love cooking for myself (not necessarily for others). I love trying new things and even if they don't work, I am still excited that I tried.

Did I mention how much I really like food? So that makes things even more satisfying when I make good food. It is really something that is so simple, (necessary when you have health issues like me) and affordable. But it makes my world a brighter place. 

Being a Couch Potato

I wouldn't categorize myself as lazy, but I do love sitting on my couch like a vegetable, intently focused on a tv show. As an introvert, I need to do all that I can to relax. But there is just something about sinking into the couch and enjoying a story within a show that fills me with happiness.

Granted, I have the same love for books. But sometimes it is just easier to watch a story with your eyes than to hold up a heavy book in bed to read. 

Going to Target

I think Target makes everyone happy, except when they spend $40 over what they intended to spend. But I love going to Target just to walk around. I repeat; I go to just walk around; I don't buy anything, I don't overspend.

There is just something about the atmosphere at Target that gives me peace. It could also be that they cut off the cell phone service so I have no choice but to be alone with my thoughts, and my desire to purchase the ENTIRE store.

But I really just love to explore the store and see what new items they got in and gather ideas of what my home and work space could look like. 


What Makes You Happy?

So I guess that in reality, as philosophical as I might have wanted to be about happiness. It comes from all different sources: inspiration, motivation, coffee.

Happiness comes in all shapes and forms. I understand now though, that it never really is fleeting because everything you do can bring you some form of happiness. 

Now, I turn over the stage to you. What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments below! 


Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash


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